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Jukebot - Sharing music on slack

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Myself like many others spend all day sat at a computer, with headphones on listening to music. The people I work with do the same, we all sit in the same room working on computers, rather than take our headphones off to communicate and interrupt the music we talk via Slack.

One of the things we talk about on Slack is music. We share what we are currently listening to or new artists / albums we have discovered. Now here comes the problem. We don't all use the same streaming service for our music, some of us use Apple Music others use Spotify. Some don't use streaming services altogether and instead purchase their music outright.

This means that when someone shares a link to a track or album via their streaming service of choice, not all participants in Slack can listen to this without doing some additional searching.

So I built a slack bot to parse links from streaming services and subsequently search other services for equivalent links, this means a member can share a Spotify link and the link for the same track on Apple Music is posted to the channel by the bot.

Bot Post

The bot will also collect album art and some metadata / biographies from Discogs and

You can install the bot on your on Slack here